Nothing is going to be the same.

We can go back and walk the streets, go to those places lost in our memories and even rescue those black and white images that we have within us, but nothing is going to be the same.

Those memories are peppered with elements of each moment, people who have done each moment special and especially the circumstances of the time lived. The houses will be the same, but those who made it special and gave it the essence will no longer be there. Its streets, its trees, its tides and customs. Everything will be there hosting the absolute nothing of the change, because the unique circumstances that made those special moments will have left, like everything else.

All the moments are unique and are devoured by the inevitable change, pursued by a tireless enemy called time. We can go back, we can walk and remember, talk to the time about what has happened and try to catch those fragments lost in the depths of our memory.

But nothing its going to be the same.



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